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Restorative Cleaning and Sealing of a Quarry Tiled Floor in Stafford

It had been some years since this Quarry tiled floor at a house in the market town of Stafford had been professionally cleaned and was now long overdue some TLC. The previous sealer had worn down allowing dirt to accumulate in the pores of the tile leaving it looking dull and dirty and difficult to keep clean. There were also a couple of loose tiles that needed re-setting.

Quarry Tile Floor Before Cleaning Stafford

Before quoting I visited the property to inspect the floor and carry out a test clean on part of the floor. The test came out well which impressed my clients and gave me an accurate plan for cleaning the rest of the Quarry tiled floor. I quoted for two days work plus materials which was agreed, and we scheduled a date for the work to be done.

Quarry Tile Floor Before Cleaning Stafford

Cleaning and Repairing a Quarry Tiled Dining Room Floor

The first day I spent deep cleaning the Quarry tile and grout using a strong dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean worked in with a rotary machine with black scrubbing pad attached. The soil generated was extracted with a wet vacuum and the floor rinsed and extracted again.

At this point I like to inspect the floor looking for any stubborn marks or areas that need repeat cleaning. Once identified I repeat the earlier cleaning process and if that doesn’t work, I resort to using neat Pro-Clean scrubbed in by hand with a lot of elbow grease until I’m satisfied that the tile and grout is as clean as possible.

As mentioned before there were a couple of loose tiles that needed refitting and so before leaving, I spent time pulling those out, cleaning them up, preparing the base, relaying them with fresh adhesive and then grouting with matching grout. The floor was then left overnight to fully dry out and for the newly replaced tiles to set.

Sealing a Quarry Tiled Dining Room Floor

I returned the following day and first used a damp meter to check that the floor was suitably dry. I know from experience that for best results the floor needs to be dry before applying the sealer, to apply a sealer to a damp floor can result in a patchy appearance. In this case the readings were fine otherwise I would of arranged to come back on a different day or applied a bit of gentle heat from a heat gun until dry.

I had discussed finishes with my client before starting work and it was clear their preference was for the Quarry tiles to have a nice shine, as it would have had originally so I selected to use Tile Doctor Seal and Go. This product is a specially formulated water-based blend of acrylic polymers that provides a stain resistant seal and being water based it doesn’t give off an unpleasant odour as it dries. Four coats of Seal and Go were applied allowing each coat to dry out before applying the next one. The result was the tiles were left with a lovely subtle shine as requested.

Quarry Tile Floor After Cleaning Sealing Stafford

The client was very happy with the newly restored floor and for aftercare cleaning I recommended Tile Doctor Neutral Tile cleaner, this is pH balanced product that that isn’t overly strong and won’t prematurely degrade the newly applied sealer like most of the household cleaners you find in supermarkets.

Quarry Tile Floor After Cleaning Sealing Stafford


Professional Restoration of a Quarry Tiled Hallway in Staffordshire

Quarry Tiled Kitchen Floor Deep Cleaned and Sealed in Tutbury

This Quarry tiled kitchen floor was in very good condition, with no cracked or broken tiles. However, my customer, who lives in the town of Tutbury, near Burton-on-Trent, was keen to boost the condition of the tiles further through professional maintenance, including a deep clean and a fresh seal to restore the sheen to the Quarry. NB, did you know it’s estimated that Tutbury has actually been inhabited for 3000 years, having once been the site of an Iron Age hill fort, this house of course was a lot more recent.

Quarry Tiled Kitchen Before Cleaning in Tutbury Burton on Trent Quarry Tiled Kitchen Before Cleaning in Tutbury Burton on Trent

Cleaning a Quarry Tiled Kitchen Floor

To clean the tiles, I chose to use our tried and trusted alkaline cleaner, Tile Doctor Pro Clean. We use Pro Clean on most types of natural stone floor, including Quarry, Slate, and Victorian. I applied Pro Clean liberally across the floor and left it to dwell for a short period, giving it time to seep into the tile to get underneath and lift out any ingrained dirt. The cleaner was then agitated using a scrubbing pad fitted to a rotary machine to remove the dirt and other general muck.

I then rinsed the floor with cold water and soaked up the resulting slurry with a wet-vac machine. Some areas of the floor proved to be quite stubborn to clean, so in these areas the cleaning process was repeated until satisfactory results were achieved. Finally, the floor was given another rinse and left to dry off overnight.

Sealing a Quarry Tiled Kitchen Floor

The next day I returned to the property and checked that the floor was ready to seal by running several damp tests, with the results indicating that was no excess moisture remaining on the tiles. We carry out these tests before sealing because moisture can cloud the sealer and prevent it from properly protecting the tiles.

My choice of sealer was Tile Doctor Seal & Go, a cost effective topical sealer that builds up a robust layer of protection on the surface of the floor and provides a durable sheen finish that, as you can see from the photographs, really lifts the appearance of the tiles.

Quarry Tiled Kitchen After Cleaning in Tutbury Burton on Trent Quarry Tiled Kitchen After Cleaning in Tutbury Burton on Trent

It’s a fact that any sealed tiled floor will need to be regularly maintained as sealers do wear off over time, especially in the high traffic areas, and this is when the floor starts to lose its appearance as dirt becomes trapped in the pores of the stone. The life of the sealer can be extended however by ensuring you only clean the floor with a PH Neutral cleaner.

Professional Quarry Tile Floor Maintenance Staffordshire

Quarry Tiled Kitchen Floor Restored in Stoke-on-Trent

Here’s a job I recently completed in the heartland of the English pottery industry, Stoke-on-Trent. In this particular instance I was commissioned by my client to restore the appearance of the Quarry tiled floor in her kitchen which as you can see from the photo below was far from looking it’s best. Quarry tiles are typically a very hard wearing stone, but in high traffic areas like a kitchen, even this type of tile will require regular maintenance.

Kitchen Quarry Tiles Before Restoration Stoke-on-Trent

Cleaning a Quarry tiled floor

My first task, before beginning the restoration, was to remove the kickboards from around the bottom of the kitchen units, to prevent them from being damaged during the process. The next step was to acid wash the tiles using Tile Doctor Grout Clean-Up which was scrubbed into the tiles to remove old grout and plaster that had become stuck to the surface of the tiles at some point in the past. Once this had done its job I rinsed the entire floor with water washing away the excess soiled residue and any trace of acid.

The next step was to give the tiles a good clean using Tile Doctor Pro Clean, which is a high alkaline cleaner suitable for use on a range of natural stone floors. This was left to dwell on the tiles for ten minutes, allowing it time to seep into the stone to get underneath – and lift out – the ingrained dirt. I then agitated the solution with a scrubbing brush to remove the muck from the surface of the tiles. The floor was then given another rinse with water, and this was extracted using a wet vacuum.

Sealing a Quarry tiled floor

I left the floor to dry after cleaning for more than 24 hours, making sure that it would be ready for sealing the next day. Upon my return to the house I checked the floor was dry and then sealed the floor using four coats of Tile Doctor Seal & Go, which provides a robust surface seal and a durable low-sheen finish. The product is suitable for use on internal, unsealed, porous surfaces.

Kitchen Quarry Tiles After Restoration Stoke-on-Trent
The photographs above bears witness to the massive improvement which has been made to the quarry tiles, which has not only completely transformed the look of the tiles but also the appearance of the kitchen.

Restoring a Quarry tiled kitchen floor in Staffordshire


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